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SnoreMate Twin Pack

SnoreMate Twin Pack

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SnoreMate's anti-snoring mouthpiece has been an all-time favorite to stop snoring from the first night of use. Used by medical professionals for over 10 years, this one size fits all anti-snoring mouthpiece has helped hundreds of thousands of snorers get better sleep.

  • 30-night money-back guarantee
  • BPA & Latex Free,
  • FDA-cleared material
  • Treats snoring from the first night
  • Dentist and Doctor recommended

Box Contents

- Two anti-snoring mouth pieces

- One storage container

- Fitment instructions

Shipping & Returns

SnoreMate is shipped using ShipeHero and DHL. For the select few who cannot adjust to the mouthpiece.
 SnoreMate offers a money back guarantee which allows allow you to send the mouthpiece back for a full refund (less the delivery cost) within 30 days of purchasing.

Care Instructions

SnoreMate is Easy to Clean with a toothbrush with toothpaste, shake off the excess water and store it in the case provided. If you prefer you can use any over the counter denture cleaning solution.

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Soundless Sleep

SnoreMate, the household name for a mouthpiece that stops snoring from the first night. It is a one size fits all. Made from a soft medical grade EVA. It is one of the softest mouth pieces available.